What is the Vocal Muster?

Since its inception, The Vocal Muster has existed to support and encourage emerging vocal talent from high schools. 

Our goal is to allow students the opportunity to express their passion by performing, thereby gaining vital experience and confidence, plus pursuing their dreams of singing. 

We also assist with performing lessons, training in dealing with body image, stage fright and breathing techniques.

Whilst some students with real performance and vocal talent may emerge, we are largely about building self esteem and confidence, valuing individual skills and providing a safe and nurturing social setting.

Some young people are not interested in activities other than music. The Vocal Muster provides opportunities for young people to perform in a space where art, music and song can be created and enjoyed.

We accept young people for being themselves and we provide a place where they want to be and are wanted.  They often establish close friendships and a feeling of fitting in and BELONGING.

The Vocal Muster provides scheduled events every month of the year.  These include club performances, workshops, masterclasses, virtual concerts, video and audio recordings, showcases, jam nights and supporting special community events.

We are proud to have attracted industry professionals and tutors, to assist students in workshops and masterclasses.  For some students, we also provide individual singing and performance lessons.

Who is Richard Lane?

Richard Lane is the founder of the Vocal Muster. He lives in Moss Vale with his family and is a proud member of the Southern Highlands community. Richard is an opera singer and has performed extensively in Australia and the UK. While at the International Academy of Voice at Cardiff University, Wales, Richard was one of 16 voices mentored by many of the world’s leading opera professionals.

As a community, we have an important role to assist and encourage young people in channelling their energies into worthwhile extra-curricular pursuits. Richard realised that whilst many students were given the choice to participate in sporting activities on weekends, very few had the opportunity to follow their passion for music. One day, Richard came across a young boy busking outside IGA in Moss Vale. After a brief conversation with the boy, Richard came to understand that while the boy had wonderful natural talent, his family didn’t have the means to support him to pursue this gift. Richard could see the passion this boy had for singing and the joy that it brought to his life. He felt compelled to do something to help.

Our Team

An independent external Board ensures that available funds are utilised in a manner which reflects The Vocal Muster’s Strategic Vision. The Vocal Muster could not function without the constant involvement, creativity and vision of Richard Lane. He is the driving operating force.

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Debra Blackah

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